(Industry Trends) Mobile retailers’ battle for collaboration with LINE: an analysis of efficacy and impact


Mobile shopping in Taiwan: LINE’s new customer base

Official data of April this year indicates that the worldwide volume of LINE users has passed the 300-million mark, 17 million of whom are registered in Taiwan, representing a 90+% penetration rate among the country’s smartphone users. Eyeing LINE’s high penetration and ‘stickiness’ in Taiwan, various online shopping platforms and supermarkets have recently been rolling out Official Accounts at LINE as an additional marketing channel, to increase their connection and interaction with consumers, and to set up a real-time and multi-media medium to push messages.
However, how effective is sticker-based marketing on LINE for mobile shopping of online EC retailers?
The price comparison website EZprice has tallied the downloads from the Official Accounts of home appliance retailers on LINE, and combined these data with previously published ‘mobile sales of online shopping platforms’, and analyzed these numbers and their importance for the development of mobile shopping…

List of Taiwan's “Internet / mobile / LINE services” of Taiwan's online shopping platforms

The list below shows Official Accounts, numbers of downloads, mobile shopping pages, and apps of various online shopping platforms, webstore platforms, independent online retailers, collective buying platforms, and supermarkets. The information shows that more than 70% of online shopping platforms have a mobile action page or app in place, and almost half collaborate with LINE. Webstore platforms such as Taiwan Rakuten and Yahoo Super Mall have the most complete mobile shopping structures. Independent retailers work with LINE to drive their push marketing. The mobile pages of collective buying platforms have mostly been developed, and more than 90% collaborate with LINE. Among convenience stores and supermarkets, Uni-President and Family Mart have developed to a rather complete level.

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Low-threshold LINE stickers generate members on a massive scale

At present, when enterprises enter into cooperation with LINE, the first step to attract consumer attention and drive active downloads, is to launch cute stickers as incentives. Taking the Official Account of U-Mall for example, on May 13 when its stickers went live, 1.4 million downloads were reached within one day. Mobile visitors jumped from 60,000 to 220,000 per day, an increase of 360%. As a result of the sticker campaign new members increased by 10,000, over 80% of whom registered through the online action page.
Apart from an all-round sticker marketing campaign, this high conversion to members can also be ascribed to the completeness of the mobile shopping interfacing mechanism: A well-integrated series of mobile shopping messages and a smooth registration process, followed by powerful and high-touch marketing and promotion, seem to be key factors for this success. Without this integrated follow-up, the LINE campaign would merely have attracted a large mass of dormant members.

The lasting effect of stickers remains to be seen

Clearly, cooperation with LINE may quickly produce high numbers of fans and members. But over time, when the golden window of sticker downloading has passed, and with the constant launches of other new stickers favored by the public, it remains to be seen whether or not online retailers will be able to sustain the driving power from the collaboration with LINE, and keep up the conversions to orders.
However, under the present auspicious circumstances, platforms continue to vie for collaboration with LINE (e.g. Save & Safe’s sticker campaign slated for July) and in the foreseeable future this collaboration model will most likely continue to remain key for driving membership growth for mobile shopping.






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