Analysis of the Current Condition of Top 10 Wholesale Supermarket and Top 3 Cosmeceutical Channels in Taiwan that Have Crossed Over to the Online Shopping Market


Capitalizing on the Otaku Economy, Cosmeceutical Stores and

Wholesale Stores are Creating Networks to Catch the Gold Rush


The Trend of Hypermarketization of Supermarkets, Hypermarket

Online Shops,Multi-format Management of Brick and Mortar Channels

According to statistics published by the Department of Statistics, the MOEA in February 2013, the revenue of the general product retail industry in 2012 was NT$1.028 trillion, an increase of 5% over last year. In particular, convenient stores ranked top with an annual growth of 8.8%. The main reasons are attributed to active store expansion, emphasis on fresh food and the sales of proprietary brand; furthermore, store floor space is constantly being expanded to attract customers, and the health tax is also incorporated into the turnover. Convenient stores offer neighborly shopping experience with item categories such as clothing and cosmetics. In addition, the price has also shifted from single unit price to wholesale price, and convenient stores have also tapped into the customer base of supermarkets and hypermarkets. As a result, hypermarkets and department stores are affected by the rapid expansion of convenient stores, in turn causing the overall ratio of the retail industry to decline for the third straight year.

According to findings by the largest general online shopping price comparison website “EZprice”, in contrast to the industry, change in family constitution and the emergence of the Otaku economy, consumer behavior has gradually shifted from taking the entire family to the hypermarket to online shopping, and is no longer restrained by time and venue. As a result, consumers don’t have to leave their homes, while bulky, heavy products can be delivered to their doorsteps. In addition, instant online price comparisons also allow them to enjoy the convenience and freedom of online shopping.
In order to be closer to consumer trends, hypermarkets have been actively venturing into the online shopping market in recent years. Besides the advantage of wholesale price, sales of single products have also increased. In addition, a convenient 9-hour express delivery service is also introduced for consumers in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung, so that office workers who are often preoccupied with work and unable to find time for shopping can enjoy the thoughtful express delivery service at the click of a mouse. Recently, collaboration has actively been sought with price comparison websites to increase brand channel exposure and expand new business opportunities.
With advent of the Otaku economy, not only hypermarkets are venturing into the online shopping market, even community supermarkets and cosmeceutical stores are also becoming actively involved. Consequently, EZprice has conducted the following analysis of Taiwan’s top ten wholesale supermarkets and top three “cosmeceutical channels” that have ventured into the online shopping market.

Table of Comparison between

Top 5 Hypermarkets That Have Ventured into E-Commerce

According to statistics from the MOEA, the turnover of hypermarkets has declined for three straight years, yet online shopping sales have repeatedly achieved new heights every year. As a result, starting from 2008, hypermarkets driven by small profits and quick returns began crossing over to the online shopping platform. Led by a.mart, Rt-Mart and Safe & Safe also perceived significant potential in the online shopping market and established online stores. The click-and-mortar integration has resulted in the greatest benefit, thus allowing store operators to launch 9-hour express delivery service. In conjunction with the promotional strategy of lowest price for stamped products, online hypermarkets have demonstrated outstanding turnover; sales performance in December last year was increased by 1.5 times. Although hypermarket leader Carrefour currently has no plans to establish online stores, they have also entered communities to actively expand convenient, small stores to let the public enjoy the small but comprehensive, one-stop wholesale shopping experience. Carrefour’s intention is to replace supermarkets and convenient stores with brand new community concept stores.

Table of Comparison between Top 5 Supermarkets

That Have Ventured into E-Commerce


Table of Comparison between Top 3 Cosmeceutical Channels

That Have Ventured into E-Commerce

In light of the popularization of the Internet and the increasing online purchasing power, the top three cosmeceutical channels in Taiwan are also adopting multi-format development by opening online stores. Cosmed collaborated with in 2007 to develop online shopping, while a study by Watsons revealed that more than 67% of the existing clientele engage in online shopping. On the contrary, momo cosmeceutical has expanded from online shopping to brick and mortar stores. It is easy to see the consistent pattern of the click-and-mortar marketing strategy, where convenient online browsing and comparison as well as easy order placement or in-store purchasing serve to increase people’s dependence on the channel and repeat purchase rate.
The rapid transformation in consumption patterns has forced various retailers to devise multiple strategies in response. Multi-format management has not only improved shopping convenience but also offers diverse choices in terms of price, products and even shopping ambiance. The online shopping platform is not only more transparent but also offers more autonomy; although described as the Warring States Period for the industry, it has also culminated in the greatest consumer benefit.

01.Total quantity of online productsTime: Products that can be browsed by the consumers on major platforms up to June 11, 2013 (products with different serial numbers or web addresses are considered different products).
Save & Safe:
Yahoo Super Store:
Rakuten Ichiba:
momo cosmeceutical:
02.Store categoriesThe stores are categorized according to store size, inventory stock and product attribute:
Store size:
Larger than 6,612m2 and includes free parking space – hypermarket.
Larger than 662.2m2, no parking space – supermarket
Inventory stock:
Inventory stock and displayed products are placed on the same shelf – hypermarket
Inventory stock is stored in a small warehouse – supermarket
Product attributes:
Equal emphasis on dry and fresh foods – hypermarket
Mainly fresh food followed by dried food – supermarket
Mainly cosmeceutical products – cosmeceutical store
03.No. of brick and mortar storesTotal number of branch stores announced on various store websites.





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